Department of Cardiology
Zhang Yuling
Doctor Title:chief physician
Department:Department of Cardiology

Professor of cardiology in heart failure and HDL research. Associaed editor of Fronteirs in Cardiovascular Medicine.1989 MD in Henan Medical University and 2007 PhD in Sun Yat-sen University. 2014 CSC visiting scolar in Temple University. 2019 Skilled Doctor in Guangzhou China. 2019 National Natural Science Funding of China. 2021 Major Funding of International Cooperation of Guangzhou. 2020 Deputy Chairman of Committee on Heart Failure of CMDA Guangdong. 2020 Deputy Chairman of Heart Failure and Metabolic Diseases of Women Doctors Committee Guangdong.Over 50 publications included Circulation Research, 15 Patents,106 citations,and the highest citation is 68.