Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery
Wang Jie
Doctor Title:chief physician
Department:Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery
Political Status:Party Member of CPC

Distinguished Doctor of Sun Yat-sen University

Director of General Surgery, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hosital, Sun Yat-sen University

Member, Standing Committee, China Chirurgery Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Vice President, Professional Committee of Hepatobiliary Surgery, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Honorary President, Society of Hepatobiliary Surgeons, Chinese Medical Doctor Association

President, Professional Committee of Pancreatic Cancer, Guangdong Province Anticancer Association

Member, Society of Pancreatic Cancer, China Anti-Cancer Association

Vice President, Society of Surgery, Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

Member, Group of Portal Hypertension, Chinese Society of Surgery, Chinese Medical Association

Vice President, Society of Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic surgery, Guangdong Medical Association

Editor-in-chief, Lingnan Modern Clinics In Surgery

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Digestive Oncology

Member of Editorial board, Chinese Journal of Surgery

Member of Editorial board, Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery

Prof. Wang specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal neoplasms, especially in the treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic tumors. He has extensive experience in comprehensive treatment based on surgical operations (including endoscopic and robotic surgery) of difficult cases.