Department of Radiology
Shen Jun
Doctor Title:chief physician
Department:Department of Radiology
Political Status:Party Member of CPC

Jun Shen is a professor and the director of the Department of Radiology at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University. His international academic impact ranked 17th in the field of radiologic imaging in China in 2012. He graduated from Nanjing Railway Medical College (Now named Medical College of Southeast University) with a bachelor's degree in July 1995. He received his master’s degree and doctoral degree of medicine from Sun Yat-sen University respectively in July 2000 and July 2002. He has been engaged in the imaging diagnosis, teaching and scientific research for 27 years. He is good at the imaging diagnosis of diseases of various systems of the whole body. His research focuses on the development of new diagnostic techniques and extending their clinical application, as well as fundamental and clinical translational research of molecular imaging. His research has been supported by five general programs and one joint funds from the National Natural Science Foundation of China,and two programs of the Key Areas Research and Development Program of Guangdong. He has trained 54 graduate students including 17 doctoral students, and 2 post-doctoral fellows six times so far. As the first author or corresponding author, he has published over 90 scientific papers on SCI-indexed academic journals, including Cell, Nat Biomed Eng, Adv Sci, Nat Commun, Adv Funct Mater, ASC Nano, Small, Nano Lett, Biomaterials, Clin Cancer Res, J ImmunoTher Cancer, Radiology, Int J Cancer, J Mater Chem, etc. He was be honored with the Distinguished Professor of “Zhujiang Scholar” in 2017 and the New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China in 2011. He was awarded the title of Yangcheng Good Doctor in 2019. He is the member of the Neurology Group of the Radiology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Vice Chairman of the Cardiovascular Imaging Professional Committee of the Radiologists Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, member of the Cardiovascular Imaging Group of the Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular Diseases Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Chinese Microcirculation Society Member of the Magnetic Resonance Group of the Professional Committee, Vice Chairman of the Integrated Imaging Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Standing Member of the Professional Committee of Tumor Imaging Diagnostics of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, Member and Director of the Chinese Society of Medical Imaging Technology, Chinese Society of Anatomy Member of Tomography Anatomy Branch, Director of Guangdong Biomedical Engineering Society, Chairman of Molecular Imaging Branch of Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Society, Deputy Director of Nanomedicine Branch of Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Society, Deputy Director of Radiology Branch of Guangdong Medical Association , Deputy Chairman of the Radiologist Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee of Guangdong Provincial Hospital Imaging Center, and Member of the Standing Committee of the Telemedicine Professional Committee of the Guangdong Biomedical Engineering Society.