Departments & Centers Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital

Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital is affiliated to the prestigious Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University. It is the biggest and most comprehensive breast cancer centre in southern China, and has 11 specialized clinical departments integrating medical services and cross-disciplinary research. Newly opened in September 2020 and developed from the Breast Tumor Centre, the Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital is the first public hospital focusing on breast tumor and dedicated to championing academic excellence, while serving national and regional socio-economic development. Prof. Erwei Song, Prof. Fengxi Su and Prof. Qiang Liu serves as Dean, honorary Dean and Executive Vice Dean, respectively.

The Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital offers young physicians and researchers ample opportunities. Prof. Erwei Song was honored as a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2019. He is also the first member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the subject of breast tumor. Besides, Prof. Erwei Song and Prof. Fengxi Su received honor of “National Famous Doctor – Excellent contributions” in 2020, and Prof. Qiang Liu received honor of “National Famous Doctor – Outstanding Style” in 2020.

The Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital is a big family full of energy and innovation. There are more than 200 staffs (including physicians, nurses, technicians, researchers and research assistants), including more than 30 attending physicians or chief physicians and more than 20 full-time researchers, forming an excellent research team composed of first-class clinicians, clinical scientists and basic research scientists.

Featured Medical Technology

The Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital has been keen to address scientific questions derived from clinical practice. Prof. Erwei Song has improved the studies on the ecosystem of breast tumors, and demonstrated that breast preservation not only meets aesthetic needs, but also maintains the tissue microenvironment to activate anti-tumor immunity during conventional treatments. Under his leadership, SYSMH also pioneered an improved intraoperative margin assessment for breast-conserving surgery (BCS) which is tailored to be more economical for patients and intuitive for surgeons. It is also among the first in our country to carry out BCS and sentinel lymph node biopsy of the axilla. More than 50% of breast cancer patients at Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital underwent BCS, and about 42% of patients had underwent sentinel lymph node biopsy of the axilla which greatly reduces the incidence of lymphedema and to be better maintain patients’ quality of life. The Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital is also the first academic hospital applying plastic surgery technology to breast-conserving surgery in China with abundant experiences in breast reconstruction after mastectomy, either implant or autogenous tissue. More and more breast cancer patients are able to preserve their breasts safely and aesthetically. The 5-year survival rate of breast cancer patients in our hospital has risen to 91.8%, reaching the level in developed countries.
Our hospital is also one of the first breast specialties in China to apply ultrasound-guided vacuum-assisted rotary biopsy of breast masses to the biopsy of breast masses and minimally invasive resection of benign breast masses. We have initiated neoadjuvant therapy without axillary lymph node dissection, which reduces breast tumors without increasing the risk of localized recurrence, thus enabling BCS to be performed. It is also the first hospital to provide one-stop consultation services for breast cancer patients, including psychological consultation and assessment, via six health counsellors responsible for following up with patient needs.

Scientific Research Results

The Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital has made outstanding breakthroughs in basic research and clinical research. By the end of 2020, more than 200 SCI-index journal papers have been publishing, including Nature, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Cell, Cancer Cell, Nature immunology, Nature Cell Biology, Science translational medicine. Related techniques have won national awards, including the second prize of the State Natural Science Award, and the National Award for Excellence in Innovation. These awards recognize the integrated treatment and diverse research of our multi-disciplinary team.
Except for basic and translational research, investigator-initiated clinical trials in the Yat-sen Breast Tumor Hospital also achieve breakthroughs. Prof. Song and Prof. Liu’s innovative "chemotherapy-free" treatment strategy combining anti-angiogenesis and immunotherapy for advanced triple-negative breast cancer has shown breakthrough efficacy and bring hope for patients with advanced triple-negative breast cancer. As a corresponding author, one of prof. Liu’s articles confirming the clinical value of blood ctDNA in monitoring the efficacy of neoadjuvant therapy for breast cancer and assessing the risk of postoperative recurrence was selected as one of the "Top Articles" published in 2020 by ASCO.