Medical Examination Center
Medical Examination Center

The Medical Examination Center of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital was founded in 2004. It currently includes 2 parts, the ordinary health management center and the VIP health management center, which built around to meet people different needs. The 2 parts of the center are providing physical examinations for about 200 people per day and 60,000 people per year. The Center is devoted to “professional, precise and accurate” services of health screening for the physical examinee.Up to date, the Center has 60 staffs, including1 professor title, 4 associate professor titles and 92% of the doctors have master degrees.

Featured Medical Technology

Firstly, our services cover the whole process of medical examination, including before, during and after the examination and optimizes the physical examination process, achieving satisfaction of 99%. Secondly, rely on the hospital`s high-quality medical resources and the staffs with rich clinical experience,we provide physical examination reports and health management suggestions of high quality. Consider most of our clients want their reports as soon as possible, we guarantee that the reports will be accomplished within 5 work days. Thirdly, the human-based services we provided include delivering free breakfast, guiding services around each corner, building digital medical files, upgrading the services of every leader of the organization to the VIP part, as wells as the tracking services.

Scientific Research Results

The center has conducted a total of about 10 projects at the provincial or civic level. Up to date, it has published more than 100 academic papers, including cited by SCI and journal papers. In addition, the center has set up a platform of cohort study on health check-up population.