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The obstetrics department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital was established in 1934. After several generations of efforts and accumulation, it makes great achievements in comprehensive strength of collecting medicine, teaching and research, as well as plays a leading role in obstetrics over Guangdong Province and all over the country. Staffs in this department inherit the refined tradition of Sen Yat-san Memorial hospital and make continuous innovations. We have gained many honors and awards during the past ten years. For example, we gained the national certification of prenatal diagnosis In 2008, which was among the first group of qualified hospitals; awarded as the “key clinical department of Guangdong Province” in 2011; joined the "Alliance for the Treatment of Critically Pregnant Women" in 2013; awarded “the National qualitied service units”for maternal and child safety in 2018 and received the "key high-level clinical department in Guangdong Province" in 2019. In the same year, under the leadingship of Academician Meng Anming, we established the "Reproductive Genetics and Medical Research Center", which has improved the basic research level of our department. We also joined “the Alliance for Maternal and Child Health Care and Prenatal Diagnosis” in 2020. To date, the success rate of critical maternal and neonatal rescue is more than 95% .

There are 26 formal employees of perinatal specialists, including 2 senior professor, 5 associate professor, 4 intermediate, and 12 residents; 11 of them had doctoral and 15 had a master's degree.


Featured Medical Technology

Under the leadership by Professor Zhang Jianping, we focus on the development of diagnosis and treatment of intractable diseases, such as recurrent miscarriage and preterm delivery. Standardized diagnosis and treatment protocals for recurrent miscarriage were first carried out in China and currently these protocals are cutting-edge in China. Patients from all over the country and even abroad come here for help. The success pregnancy rate of recurrent miscarriage is more than 90%. Professor Zhang Jianping was invited by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Group of Chinese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology to write a consensus on “the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent miscarriage”, and he also participated in preparing chapters of “miscarriage and preterm birth” for undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks.
Our department firstly conducted "emergency cervical cerclage" which changes the traditional concept of "inevitable abortion". Now this technique is widely used in China. The characteristic diagnosis and treatment technology is reported by CCTV and many other media and magazines. We are among the first groups in carrying out prenatal diagnosis items such as villous biopsy and amniotic fluid chromosome examination in Guangdong. We have a perfect prenatal diagnosis center, the qualifications of villous biopsy, amniotic fluid chromosome examination and prenatal diagnosed ultrasound certification of fetal malformation screening.

Scientific Research Results

In terms of scientific research, our department has obtained a total of 6 projects of “the National Natural Science Foundation of China” and more than 40 of “the Ministry of Health”, “the Health Department of Guangdong Province” and “the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Commission”. Professor Zhang Jianping and Professor Chen Hui recently participated in the "Germ Layer Precursor Cell Lineage Programming Mechanism" of the National Key R & D Program led by Academician Qiao Jie of the Third affiliated hospital of Peking University( the project funding is 3.37 million yuan and the total number is more than 9 million yuan). Professor Zhang has won 6 utility model patents, 3 achievement transformation, and awarded the second prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award for "Study on Treatment Technology and Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Critically Pregnant Women" and "Wireless Fetal Monitoring Probe and Network System". He has published more than 200 scientific research treatises, including more than 40 SCI papers.
In terms of teaching, our department has consecutively undertaken the national continuing education of project-female reproductive immunity training course for 18 years, the provincial continuing education training course of premature delivery diagnosis and treatment training course for 8 years, providing the new progress and new experience in diagnosis and treatment such as abortion and premature delivery. We have trained more than 6,000 trainees nationwide. It has been widely recognized and affirmed among domestic and foreign peers and enjoys an excellent reputation in China.

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