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There are 10 doctors in plastic surgery, including 5 doctors, 2 postdoctors, 2 senior professional titles and 6 intermediate professional titles. Professor Zhang Jinming, director of plastic surgery department, is the founder of the plastic surgery department of our hospital.In terms of the number of inpatients, the difficulty of surgery, and the coverage, all of them are at the leading level in China and the province.

Featured Medical Technology

Main treatments include: Cosmetic Surgery (1) Eye cosmetic surgery (double eyelid and failure repair, inner canso shaping, eye pouch removal, eyebrow cutting and eyebrow lifting, eyelid ptosis correction, comprehensive eye rejuvenation); (2) the repair of various nasal deformities, especially the nose, tip and base of the nose; (3) Facial fine carving (facial liposuction, autologous fat filling); (4) Breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and buttock augmentation; (5) Botox face thinning, Botox wrinkle removing, hyaluronic acid filling and other micro-plastic; (6) Genital plastic surgery: including hypospadias, hidden penises, small penises, penile defects, congenital vaginal atresia, surgical treatment of hermaphroditism and gender transsexual surgery; (7) Laser improves scar appearance,nevus removal, shrinkage pore, old age spot, facial fine lines, pregnancy lines and hair removal.
Plastic and reconstructive surgery: (1) the treatment of various benign and malignant tumors on the body surface and congenital giant nevus; (2) Comprehensive treatment of scars, including surgical treatment of scars and photoelectric therapy such as laser treatment of scars; (3) Treatment of cranial and facial deformities: such as congenital microear deformity, ptosis, facial paralysis, jaw deformity, etc.; (4) Repair of skin and soft tissue defects and tendons exposure of limbs and trunk: application of microsurgical techniques for the transplantation of skin flap and musculocutaneous flap to treat tissue defects such as: tendons exposure, osteomyelitis, bone disconnection after fracture, radiation ulcers, bedsores, etc.

Scientific Research Results

Over the past 20 years, the department of plastic surgery has undertaken several provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, with in-depth research in cosmetic plastic surgery, wound repair, hypospadias, scars and stem cells. It holds programmes from Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation and several school level projects.We have published more than 100 professional papers as the corresponding author and the first author in domestic and foreign journals. It has been responsible for student internships, graduate students, advanced students, regular training work, for the development of plastic surgery reserves and transport a large number of talents.

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